Our mission is to develop a strong program to teach the kids the game of basketball. We believe that playing basketball is an excellent avenue to teach moral principles and characteristics such as dedication, teamwork, discipline, self-confidence, and sportsmanship.


To provide quality training for all levels of basketball players, from a beginning level up to the high school level
To teach sound, technical basketball skills, and game strategy
To provide opportunities to play competitive basketball at various levels
To offer positive, passionate coaches to help grow young students as athletes in the game of life
To live and teach the fundamental concepts of teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, and accountability
To be a responsive, open, communicative, and well organized basketball clinic


Next Level Basketball Hawaii’s philosophy is to provide as many young athletes the opportunity to develop their skills, learn life lessons, and enjoy the game of basketball. We believe that we can work with all students who are looking to enhance their skills and develop a competitive desire and passion to become a complete player both physically and mentally.